You’re quite sure your business could be doing better.

You have customers, you’re making money but you’re missing something. People keep saying: What you need is social media. But that answer doesn’t make much sense.


You’ve seen others dip their toes in – and maybe you have too. You’ve started a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Maybe you’ve even thought about a ‘social media strategy’.

But what does it do? What’s the point of it? Why would it work? And can it really make a difference?

Rather than evangelising in wishy-washy terms about ‘the power of the web’, this blog is about actually doing social media.

What we’re not

We are not ‘digital communications strategists’, nor are we ‘social media consultants’. We won’t tell you what to do – or try to sell you half-baked philosophies that are, frankly, just a google search away.


And we’re not the type of folk who use social media to share every aspect of their lives online.

Don’t worry, at no stage will you be asked to describe the contents of your breakfast with an audience of millions.


What we are

We are people who’ve faced the same problems in understanding the value of social media as you have – and now have the benefit of experience. We understand what we do because we’ve done it and because we’ve made A LOT of mistakes – mistakes you won’t need to make.


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